Feel Free

Feel24 memberships

Being a member of the Feel24 family comes with many benefits. Here are some of them:

Effortless signup

Choose your primary gym and enter your personal information, and you're almost done! You will immediately receive an SMS with a code you can use to access the gym.

Access to all our gyms

As a Feel24 member you have free access to all our gyms in Norway, without any extra cost.

Exercise when you'd like

Exercise when it suits you, as we're open 24 hours a day - every day, all year round!*

Good terms

Our ordinary membership has a fixed low monthly price and has no commitment period. In addition, you can freeze your membership for up to 2 months per year.

*Nordkjosbotn and Tromsø Fagereng is not open 24/7, see the gyms homepage for opening hours.
All gyms have a 16-year age limit, and a two-month notice period beyond the current invoice period. All our memberships have an annual administration fee of NOK 99.

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